Bishop Roland Kenner, Jr.

Pastor Roland Kenner was born on November 12, 1959 to Roland and Elaine Kenner.  Pastor Kenner grew
up and lived in the Glenarden-Landover, MD area where he now Pastors.  In 1978 while attending Bowie
State University, Pastor Kenner was  introduced to Jesus under the teaching of his mother.  She taught him
that there is a difference between religion, which is man’s  search for God and a relationship with Christ,
which is man’s only way to God.  In the late 70’s to early 80’s, he accepted the Call of God on his life to
evangelize and preach Jesus is Lord.  In 1984, he began to preach in the Glenarden Woods Elementary School
and a few years later would accept another call to Pastor.  Under God’s instruction and guidance he started
International Church of Christ.  He has had years of schooling, study and education but says his greatest
education has been “higher learning” which is obtained on one’s knees.

In 1993, Pastor Kenner married Terry Taylor.  From their union they have three daughters, Diamond, Taylor
and Paris and one son Terry.  Having been married for over 23 years and having parents who have celebrated
over 50 years of marriage is a testament to God’s grace.
First Lady Terry A. Kenner

Terry Kenner is the devoted wife of Pastor Roland Kenner Jr. of ICC.  They have been united as one for 23
years.  Along with her husband, Terry enjoys family time and raising three daughters, Diamond, Taylor and
Paris and one son Terry.

Terry is a native of Brandywine, Maryland.  She received her formal education in the Prince George’s
County School System.  She continued her education at the University of District of Columbia, Prince
George’s Community College and OBICA at Free Gospel Church Deliverance Temple.

Under Bishop Ralph E. Green, Terry was born again and filled with the Holy Spirit at the Free Gospel
Deliverance Temple in Coral Hills, MD.   She loves God and is committed to Him and His will for her life.  
She believes in lifting up the name of Jesus through praise, worship and being a witness.

She has ministered in churches, conferences and retreats throughout the area.  She serves as Director of the
Women’s Ministry, Young Ladies Fellowship, overseer of the New Member’s Ministry, church
administrators, and she and her husband are directors of the Married Couple’s Ministry.  First Lady Terry
loves to assist her husband in ministry to help him accomplish what God has called him to do.

She is presently employed at the Department of Employment Services (DOES).  Prior to working at DOES,
she worked for The Clark Construction Group, Inc for twenty-one years as a Community Relations

First Lady Terry Kenner is able to accomplish everything she does through the grace and strength of Jesus